More pressure and less staff in the farms reduce the time available for heat detection. They are already far the times at which we could spend 20 minutes and three times a day for heat detection. If your cows are not seen in heat they cannot be inseminated. This means that there is more than one reason to invest in heat detection systems to help you for increasing heat detection rates as much as possible.

  • Watch the animals three times a day if possible.
  • Check FASCO AP  Mount Activity Labels in all milkings.
How many FASCO AP Mount Activity Labelswill use in my farm per year?

With an average of 2.2 services per pregnancy and a 25% of sacrifice rate you will need 240 mount activity labels FASCO AP  for a period of 12 months and a herd of 100 cows if you follow the recommendations mentioned in our Productiveness Management System. This means the equivalent of three mount activity labels FASCO AP  per pregnant cow.

What will do FASCO AP Mount Activity Labelswith my heat detection rate and pregnancy rate?

Increasing heat detection rate from 50% to 75% and a conception rate of 50% you will reduce your calving interval 21 days! There is a big benefit for only three FASCO AP Mount Activity Labels. If your conception rate is below 50%, then the benefits for using FASCO AP  will be higher.
Using FASCO AP  Mount Activity Labels maximizes heat detection your farm, improves fertility, reduces calving interval and number of discarded animals.

Recommendations for efficient heat detection

  • 6 weeks before service start Heat recording.
  • Check cows after evening milking, before it gets dark and first thing in the morning.
    (If you can 5 times a day, or twice a day for longer periods of 30 minutes).
  • Watch cows away from the feed fence.
  • High production, hot weather, high stress environments or crowded conditions or high may curb mounting activity.
  • Cows are in standing heat six to eight hours and average about 1.5 mounts per hour.
  • Cows may be willing to mount others even though neither may stand for mounting.
  • Cows in pre-oestrus may be restless, lick, bawl or head butt other cows.